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Arbete på väg - Step 1.1 (E-Learning)

Training requirements

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) requires that you have the right skills and education to work at a road workplace. The purpose with the requirements is to create a safe work environment for road workers, and at the same time ensure a safe passage for road users. There are different levels of competence requirements for various types of assignments.

Target group

This webb based training - Road Work Step 1.1 (APV Steg 1.1) - is for you who need basic competence for performing road work 
It covers the requirement ”Road Work 1.1 General basic competence” (APV 1.1 Allmän grundkompetens)

Please note:
If you operate a vehicle in connection with your work or participate in the work more actively, you need the entire Road Work Step 1 (1.1, 1.2, .1.3). You can find this training here.
Also keep in mind that if you work on municipal roads, most road managers require a general basic competence that corresponds to the entire Road Work Step 1 (1.1, 1.2, 1.3), i.e. only training in APV Step 1.1 is not enough. We also recommend that you retake this course to stay up to date on the latest regulations and practices.


  • This course will give you a basic understanding of :
  • Training and competence requirements
  • Laws and regulations
  • Road users and accident prevention work
  • Road authorities
  • Work environment 
  • Designing a safe road work area
  • Unprotected road users
There will be questions along the course and a final exam that you must pass to receive your certificate.

How it works

You can take the training on a computer, tablet or a smortphone. 
After you have booked the training, you will recieve a mail with a link to the training så you can log in and start immediately!
You have 14 days to complete the training.
If you take a break, you end up in the same place where you left off.
After completing the education, you will be able to download a digital diploma.

Previous knowledge

No previous knowledge is needed. 


Per person: SEK 490 excluding VAT


Per person 490 SEK exkl. moms